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About site maintenance

October 7, 2023
If you were eagerly waiting for the next page to be posted, I'm really sorry as this site had been experiencing issues posting new pages and I had no idea for like two weeks in a row, despite having scheduled pages to be posted. Nothing to worry at this point, I'm scheduling pages until the end of this chapter and HOPEFULLY nothing breaks this time. Or in the near future. Or at all.

For those curious, this site is hosted in Netlify and it's all static files generated with Nuxt/Vue.js, including each comic page; however, all the page management and database-y stuff is elsewhere in a separate site. Whenever Saturday comes, it runs a command to generate the entire site going through each page. Up until now, there was no problem generating all of the pages but seems like after reaching page 100 or so, that second site couldn't handle all the requests being made at once and it just disconnected from the sheer number of pages being hit up.

So I kinda wanted to learn something new for once and set up a DigitalOcean droplet to migrate this secondary site which, I hope, scales better with the ever growing amount of pages. I'm almost sure it's better than just scaling my yearly hosting plan, especially since this site would only recieve requests about once a week and otherwise is never loaded in anyone's computer. Just took a bit of trial and error to set it up again without the ol' reliable cpanel interface. So a few SSH commands later I figured it out and now it's running as it should.

Why did I stick around with this configuration you ask? At a point I would've just used the hidden site as the main one with a nicely styled CSS theme but using a SSG (static site generator) like Nuxt helped keeping the page management stuff cleanly separated from all the more visual stuff like animations and UI bits, so I opted to make both of them work together. Would've been okay if it weren't for this scaling issue, but after this incident it'll keep running without a hitch on the technical side. Now the only hurdle is myself getting around actually drawing the pages!