• About site maintenance

    October 7, 2023
    If you were eagerly waiting for the next page to be posted, I'm really sorry as this site had been experiencing issues posting new pages and I had no idea for like two weeks in a row, despite having scheduled pages to be posted. Nothing to worry at...
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  • Taking a small break

    June 11, 2023
    Okay yeah, this has been a bit overdue by the lack of updates if you've been paying attention. I'm taking a small break before posting the next chapter given I need some time to catch up to my backlog. It won't be too long, next update will be...
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  • Wrapping up Chapter 2

    October 30, 2022
    Chapter 2 is finished now! Give it a read before updates resume on December 3rd. Wow, I thoguht when the time would come I'd have more to say but that's pretty much it. ...
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  • Resuming updates again

    July 29, 2022
    Hi all! I haven't been able to upload the latest pages because of things going on IRL. No big deal, the publishing just stalled a bit because I haven't had transcripts written for the latest pages yet. I'll keep uploading pages until Chapter 2 is fully published, then take a small break posting them until...
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  • Hello World!

    March 15, 2022

    Here I will post anything related to updates about the website or the comic. If you're reading this, why not go read the comic instead? There isn't much from me to say.

    I made sure you can use RSS to get updates on this comic, so if you use it, go for it!

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